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Wed Oct 9th, 10:00am
 MFR working feverishly on the custom all stainless trailer with air ride and Stange Engineering shocks!   As well finished Dons boat - and a few other projects along the way.  Check out the Racing page and the nwhottoys.com forums for more updates to the builds.

Tues May 22nd, 8:00am
 Matt is buried at the shop and working on a few large boats and car projects.  Green with Envy just returned from Bakersfield for the first race of the season,  prepping for race 2.

Tues Apr 30th, 7:00pm
Check out the latest Rant from MFR in the rumor control
Mon Feb 25th,  5:50pm
We have been busy at the shop,  Had a 08 C6 corvette in the shop for repairs,  this was a car that came from another shop that couldnt get it going.  It came with a Edelbrock Super charger and had some under carriage damage that required repair.  We are waiting for fenders on the dolly trailer to finalize it,  we took the bus window out and shaved off some size to get it to fit better.  We also have a 93 camry wreck that we are fixing for a customer,  found a donor car and have managed to get it back together.  We are starting work on the 59 vette as it needs a new radiator support fitted and painted.  Also working on misc fabrication parts for some race boats / cars and others.

Mon Feb 4, 2013 10:30am
Been way too long for an update here, so here it goes.  We finished the AC Cobra - this car turned out great!!  New coil over QA1 shocks, mounts, new HP series carb, new distributor, new coil - dyno tuned to just over 300hp to the tires.  Also finished a disk brake conversion on the Thunderbird. Still working on the 59 vette,  some minor paint to finish on the underside,  then we move on to the radiator support replacement.  Fixed a 61 lincoln for a customer which was towed in on the hook.  Working on a Mercruiser Small block chevy for a fishing boat install. Also,  now working on a air bagged dolly trailer for the Mechanical Animal - this will be a road worthy dolly trailer,  looks great!  Also managed to get our security system installed as well with 8 CCD HD cameras in the shop and outside.

Tues, Dec 11th, 10:30am
Back to work on the project cars...  also some other projects happening in the shop at the moment.  Sold the pickle fork we had for sale, and working on some carb adapter plates, winch mounts for boat trailers, as well as customizing the race trailer for the mechanical animal PE hydro!

Wed, Nov 28th, 4:52pm
Well,  got back from phoenix - world finals of Drag boat racing..  what a blast!!  work is busy in the shop,  finishing the trailer, work on the corvette continues, work on the AC Cobra continues - we have the thunderbird in for a 4wheel disk brake upgrade among other upgrades.

Mon, Oct 29th, 5:57pm
We are currently working on a 28' shadow pace american hauler, still have the corvette and cobra - finished the mercedes floor pan and a custom hand rail.  Also picked up a 19 ft pickle that we will be selling soon.  Great starter boat.  Check out the new Racing page!!

Tues, Oct 2nd, 9:44am
We are currently working on a few rides at the moment,  Beautiful Factory 5 replica cobra, a gorgeous 59 Convertible Corvette for a laundry list of little fixes,  Also working on a 88 Chris Craft offshore boat with twin 540's and a 55 T-Bird!

Tues, Sept 4th, 7:28am
Working at a customer site - Chuck Olsen Chevrolet,  some custom fabrication of thier building entrance - Working together with Modern Spaces in a Joint effort.

Fri, Aug 3rd, 9:17pm
The Draguar is on MotorTrend Road Kill!!!  Go see it now!!!

Mon, July 30th, 11:00am

The last 2 weeks has been crazy -  Matt working on a DOE project in New Mexico - We went racing with the Green with Envy boat,  Also picked up another customers 19 daytona - beautiful boat.  Yesterday did some work for the guys over at WikiSPeed.com and thier quest to have a 100mpg car.  Pics and updates to the right.

Tues, July 12th, 9:00am

Rumor Control is now updated!!  Go and have a read!

Mon, July 9th, 2:15pm
Ok,  sorry for the delay in posts,  we have been buried.  I will post more in the coming days.  Today we are headed to SanFransisco to hook up with HotRod Magazine and selling the Draguar!

Wed, May 30th,12:15pm
Lots going on in the shop.  Matt working on multiple projects - finishing a jet boat project - working on a 64 impala SS 396, 63 falcon futura convertible complete rebuild, custom fabricated aluminum doors to protect a public schools audio equipment - This weekend we will be dyno'ing a few vehichles for tuneups as well.  Pics to the left of the battery tray and scoop paint we finished over the weekend. 

Mon, May 11th, 10:48am
Its been a while since the last update and we have been busy,  Green with Envy is headed to Bakersfield to test out the new hardware etc..  also headed to the Westech dyno facility to tune the motor on May 16th, MFR has been working on customer cars and boats currently - 63 falcon futura convertible, 64 impala BBC, crusader tunnel boat BBC to name a few. The new shop lease is signed and we start construction to get everything ready in a week or two.

Mon, Apr 9th, 2:28pm
Work is completing on the Green with Envy boat.  Finalizing the engine build and getting the new ignition and fuel system plumbed and wired in.  Also beginning work on a custom bat tray for a CDBA hydro and maybe some custom rails.

Mon, Mar 26th, 1:08am
It has been a while since the last update,  So here are some things we are doing.  The Malibu is running and now has a big block in it - it is now sitting in the new shop and needs some finalization to be road worthy.  We have also built new brackets for
the green with envy boat for steering. We also fabbed up some diverter angle checkers,  rebuilt the Jet-Away for this years racing, Completely reassembled the jet pump for racing and checked all tollerences of the impeller - detailed all of the surfaces of the inducer.  Created a block off plate for the green boat to allow for stopping the boat from going backwards while in reverse.  We also have changed the foward and reverse on the boat to be all air actuated.

Wed, Feb 15th, 10:08am
Work on the malibu has slowed but work on the green with envy boat has commenced.  Fixing heads where the intake rocker stands bolt (had problems from spring pressure last year)  Also fixing the intake manifold from the nitrous explosion last november.
Also working on the custom rail kit and such on a friends boat.

Tues, Jan 17th, 7:36am
Still negotiating the shop,  working on the malibu wagon,  top secret run to Cali to pick up 5 new Whipple Chargers coming up for our ULHRA friends,  dropping off a carb for the G-Body friends in Stockton.
New Canard on the Green with Envy Boat!

Mon, Jan 9th, 10:06am

There is alot going on at the WFR camp.  We are looking at getting a bigger shop,  should know more soon - 4000sf 2 bay shop! Bus is back together and running,  Malibu wagon is getting closer and the Trans is over getting tuned up at the trans shop,  the Green Dually is getting air bags put on - new controller, air compressor, tank and air ran back for the trailers.  The Green with Envy boat is looking good - New Calgo Steering, and some top secret work being done to it.  We also have another project - a sunbeam alpine with a nasty little V-6 and a camaro 5 speed.

getting the heads on the bus.

malibu getting fitted for headers

intake powder coated

Rebuild the calgo unit

sunbeam alpine!

C notch for the dually and air bags!

Mon, Jan 2nd, 10:50am
Happy New Year from the White Flag Racing Crew!

Tues, Dec 13th, 8:50am
The WFR crew is busy!  BBC in the new Wagon!  Also could be some top secret work on the Green w Envy Boat!!

Mon, Dec 5th, 12:20pm
The WFR crew worked on a customers beautiful 72 split bumper camaro - 580hp to the rear wheels!

We will be working on his 55 Chev Pickup as well pulling the 383 small block and putting in a rowdy BBC!

Wed, Nov 30th, 6:59am
The WFR crew helped raise just under $2000.00 for participating in the Movember - today is the last day!  check it out @ movember.com

Mon, Nov 28th, 7:52am
White Flag Racing helped raise $1525.00 for participating in the Movember - no shave mustache month to raise awareness for mens health.

Thurs, Nov 24th, 6:21am
Happy Turkey Day!

Sat, Oct 1st, 8:30pm
White Flag Racing has a free dyno night and runs a few late model corvettes, a 70's Camaro, a 69 Mach one Mustang, a turbo Datsun 240z and a custom Datsun 510

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Flipping the trailer for complete weld out before rigging air and electrical.

Airbag temp mounting and shock placement.  Strange Engineering custom shocks!

Suspension being tested under full compression

Suspension being tested - full extension

Air bags being mocked up for placement.

Stainless fenders frenched in.

Polished Trailing arms cut and ready.

Polishing starting to take place!

Starting to take shape!

New Trailer being mocked up

MFR is filling all the gauge holes and creating a brand new dash with a new layout

70 Barracuda convertible in for some rear end work.

Customers little toy - Jet boat in for some custom fabrication.

Birds eye view of the shop floor.

Here is the 08' Edelbrock supercharged Corvette (blue) that we had to fix.

Here is Trailer prior to getting the Rhino lining re applied.

Underneath the trailer viewing the airline manifold all hidden.

After pulling the window from the bus, we mark out how much we want to take off.

Sanding the window took approximately 4 hours

Here is the window re-installed in the bus

Factory Five AC Cobra Completed

Here is the new QA 1 shocks mounted to the new cross bar - first mock up.

Another Shot - completed

Under neath with the new fuel filter mount

Here is the Cross member after fabbing it up

Here is the original coil springs we removed

Nice Thunder bird Completed with a disk brack conversion and new fuel tank and new factory exhaust!

Shot of the Fuel Tank.

New disk brakes!!

Work on the front end parts.

61 lincoln suicide doors!

Managed to squeeze in a couple of Crane certifications.

The Mechanical Animals Trailer starting to come together!!  Looking good on air!

Another Shot!

Shot of the new trailing arms tacked to the new axles!

Here is the front of the trailing arms with the bushing sleeve welded in place,  just need to cap it.

Original Trailer with out the axles or fenders (upside down).

Mercury Marine 350 Chev - Customers.

Welding up a Winch mount for a 21 daytona!

New Valve Covers on the 59 Corvette - This is way better,  now to paint them to match and have them polished!

Here is the Trailer being fitted for some Diamond Plate.

For you FORD fans!
Got a new ride to work on -  Beautiful Factory 5 replica Cobra!!  We will be fixing the rear suspension on this ride and getting this on the dyno to tune it.  Tremec 5 speed, Windsor power.

Here is a couple of shots of work on the 88 Chris Craft Offshore boat!  Super Clean!

Pulled the motor to fix a Drive issue - Driver was doing 85 on Lake washington when the drive let go...

Working on the 59 Vette - This Car is Clean!! 

Here is a couple of the Cars we are working on in the shop currently

Our Friends at HotRod posted the RoadKill episode featuring the Draguar!  Check it out!

The folks over at wikispeed asked us for a little welding help on thier 100MPG car...  Cool concept!!!  all modular.  Check them out over at www.wikispeed.com

Here is the new daytona in washington now!

Custom Mount for the MSD

And the Journey Begins!!!   Here comes the Draguar!!!

Old battery tray - also had a puke tank that bolted to the top...

New Setup - white flag racing custom.  Bottom and Top milled out of billet, bracing with lightning holes.

Here is the 5 color scoop painted to match the boat,  all hand stripes with pinstripping.

Here is some progress pics
Decided to put some nitrous pop off plates in the tunnel ram,

Milled the tunnel ram on both ends to take the pop offs,

Here is how they look done,

Decided to make a carb adapter plate this year for better management of the pressure regulators and cable management and scoop tray connections,

This turned out great - here are a few pics of it.

Also decided to make a custom flywheel cover for the boat,
here is the mock up

MFR tig'ing the cover

finsished product,  We decided not to polish it so i went with the brushed look,

Milling on the pump brace - took almost 4 lbs out of it.

Finished product with the battery box installed

Getting the fuel pump installed and bracket for the ignition completed.

Final assembly of the heads with the New LSM valve spring compressor.
Some progress pics of what we have been up to as of late.

Reverse Block off Plate installed

Diverter Angle Checkers

Working on boat steering parts

Ready for tig

Final product before powder coat -  Thanks to Austin at AHP for the powder coating!

Finished machined parts for greasing the calgo steering cables.

detailed inducer before installing it

Mock up

More mockup of the steering.

Thanks to B1 Racing here is the new Digital 7 ignition system that will be in the green boat!

Here is the final jet drive ready for racing!
showing the new cable steering.  New transom plates all sealed up!

Here you can see the air bucket setup - Thanks to B1 Racing!

Some progress pics on the Green with Envy boat motor.
Milling the top of the intake flat after welding the holes back up..

Setting the angle to drill for the gardserts

Drilling the gardserts into the heads....

Here are some custom rails for a jet boat we are making

below are the rails that still need deburring and polishing

A WhiteFlagRacing Teaser video for the Skagen Year in Review!

Here is a few shots of things happening at the WFR shop.

Sunbeam Alpine!

New Hooker Headers on the Malibu!

Mods on the C-Notch for the dually

Air Bags for the Dually.

Video of the 55 chev pickup with a 383 small block,  He is looking for more!  we will be installing a rowdy BBC into it.

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