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Wed Oct 9th, 11:20am
Green with Envy has been doing great this year after teaming up with Edelbrock and Russell!   

Quick Recap of the year to date.

May - Lake Ming
Went to shake out the bugs from the boat and came away with great data and 314 points towards the championship race.
June - Dexter
First race of the season for CDBA -  We came away with the Win in Pro Eliminator and in Super Eliminator.
July - Dexter
Big co-sanctioned race with Lucas / NJBA / CDBA.  We went out in the quarter finals but still came away with valuable points.
Aug - Lakeside
Green with Envy came away with another win in Pro Eliminator and runner up in Super Eliminator.
Sept - Haystack
Green with Envy came away with a good win here in Pro Eliminator.
Sept - Dexter
This race we decided not to run due to weather conditions.

Mon Feb 25th, 5:50pm
Been working on the green boat as well getting ready for the upcoming season!!  short block together,  dry sump getting plumbed,  shaving weight out of the boat as much as possible to see if we can get this boat into the 8.00 with only approx 3 sec of N2O.  Pics on the right.

Mon, Feb 4, 2013, 1:49pm
Well the offseason is getting busy!!  First off White Flag Teams up With Edelbrock and Russell for a sponsorship this season!! 
We have been working on the boat and changing a few things,  first is trying to make a little more HP then last year - shooting for approx 1030 - 1050 on motor then spray it for a little less time - maybe 3 - 4 sec's, time will tell if we succeed.  Also stripping weight out of the boat (anything that is not bolted down!)  hehe.  Adding full length stringers for mounting surfaces, adding a 6 stage dry daily engineering dry sump, a new N20 timer for better adjustability down to the .001, smaller fuel tank, changing the N20 system to a Edelbrock E3 annular system and adding a new Quik Data 2 to monitor all aspects of the boat. (as well we are doing some top secret Jet Pump work) shhh...  ;)

Wed, Nov 28th, 5:18pm
White Flag Racing gets back from the finals -  the 418 Boat and Chris did a hell uv a Job!!!  we ended up 3rd - losing in the semi finals to Chris's cousin - Jordan Woods by .037....  wow, great racing - good weekend.  We are full speed ahead on getting the green boat apart and ready for next season.

Mon, Oct 29th, 6:18pm

White Flag Racing Partners with B1racing to take STARK NAKED to the World Finals @ firebird raceway!!  AHP Custom Coatings to go and assist as well!!

Tues, Sept 25th, 8:44am

White Flag Racing does it!!  Green with Envy wins the 8.0 second Bracket at the Northwest Nationals in Dexter Resevior!!!  The Shop is busy with a couple of beautiful cars as well.  Next stop for Green with Envy is Bakersfield California for the manufacturers championship.

Tues, Aug 21st, 9:07am
Back from Lakeside and a great weekend. After changing the tuneup and hardware - first pass off the trailer was a 8.39et, but the pop off was not charged so it opened halfway down the track.... so we went out for a second pass - 7.88et @ 124mph.
3rd pass - the 5th pass we made changes to the hardware and took away some nitrous, Ran between 7.92 and 7.97et. then on the 5th pass we were able ...
to start getting it dialed in.
Ran 8.04et @ 120mph!! now we are getting somewhere.
Tried to better that on the 6th pass and Ran a 8.008et @ 120mph!!! to qualify first for Super E and 4th for the 8sec bracket. Went out on Sunday morning (had a bye run in Super E) Boat was having trouble starting but managed to run a 7.959et @ 121mph. then the battery went toast... so that ended our weekend... but all in all it was a great weekend as we are getting closer to getting the boat dialed in for the 8 sec bracket!

Tues, May 22nd,12:48pm
Just returned from our California trip with the Green with Envy boat!  WOW what a trip.  Went to westech performance group for a dyno run with Steve Brule the master of tuning.  Motor made just under 990hp and still climbing - we didnt push it past 7000rpms becuase we broke a valve spring earlier in the runs - my guess is it would have made around 1020 or so..  we then sprayed it with a 28jet (250shot) of nitrous and it made 1265@ 6900 and still climbing as well... Thanks for the hook up Mike,  Steve is an awesome guy.  then we drove right to bakersfield for the NJBA races,  boat ran a best of 8.05et for the weekend - a huge improvement from last year and there is still alot left in it from a hardware perspective!  Thanks to B1 Racing - C&J engineering, Edelbrock, Miller Racing Engines, GS Marine and all of the folks that helped out in the pits!

Tues, Jan 17th, 7:36am
Still negotiating the shop,  working on the malibu wagon,  top secret run to Cali to pick up 5 new Whipple Chargers coming up for our ULHRA friends,  dropping off a carb for the G-Body friends in Stockton.
New Canard on the Green with Envy Boat!

Mon, Nov 7th, 4:22pm
White Flag Racing partners with Mike Finnegan and his 999 'Wrong Way' 19 foot Unblown Fuel Jet Boat to run @ the world finals in Chandler Arizona!

Sat, Nov 5th, 7:10am
White Flag Racing goes to the NJBA finals in Bakersfield California to assist in the 999 camp. 

Thurs, Oct 13th, 5:30pm
White Flag Racing heads down to California for the NJBA Fall Nationals with a bunch of CDBA members!

Thurs, Sept 22nd, 7:30pm
White Flag Racing Runs the Green with Envy boat in the Northwest Nationals @ Dexter Reservoir.

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Currently Green with Envy is leading the points in the Pro Eliminator Class in the CDBA!!  We are approx. 600 points in the lead,  we have 2 races left this season -  October in Lake Ming California and then finish up with the World Finals in Chandler Az. Oct 31st - Nov 3rd.

8.001 for the win in Pro Eliminator - opposite Pete Colette.

Another angle

Boat aired out at Dexter!

On the Rope!

In the Pits @ Haystack Resevior

Auto Purging the nitrous with Edelbrock Qwik Data II

Edelbrock Racing and Russell Performace Teams up with the Green with Envy Boat!!!


At the CDBA ball, our team won the 'Most improved team of the Year' award!!

Started the Plumbing on the Daily Engineering 6 stage dry sump.

Made a new components for the air system,  saved 4 lbs here!

Here is the new battery mount - replacing the battery box - saved another 3 lbs here.

Another shot of the battery holder.

Got a bunch of goodies from Edelbrock and Russel!!  Time to get to work!

The pump is together and ready for installation in the boat!!  4-5lbs saved here as well.

Pump is detailed on the inside as well!!

Another shot of the pump.

Managed to get the short block together - looking good!

Here is a couple shots of the Bowl getting lightend at the CNC...  -- B1 racing

And here is the completed Bowl - lightened (approx 4-5lbs of savings)

Mock up of the new 6 stage Dry sump and new pan.  10 -16AN fittings 2 -20AN and 2 -8AN fittings!!!  Ouch!

Here is the New Motor plates we made for the front of the engine to make room for the dry sump.

Couple of mock up shots with the pump and mounts

Machined out some new rails - old ones on the left.

Test fitting in the boat.

Managed to trim a little over half of the weight out of the pump brace.

Also,  managed to build a new carb adapter plate with regulator mounts for a customer!

Also has provisions for the scoop mount and adjustable throttle bracket mount.

New Edelbrock Quick Data 2 !!  with O2 sensors and all the goodies.

Took some material off the impeller...  :)

Almost complete with the bowl,  inside - new stuffer, detailed and ported inlet and outlet,  and Custom Lightning on the exit.  (pic doesnt show the Inlet side lightning).

Here is some pics of the work on the boat and the pits.  And the trip to the staging lanes etc...


White Flag Racing Partners with B1Racing to go to the World Finals at Firebird Raceway taking the 418 - Stark Naked!!  Pictures via Hot Wired Images and Dragboats.com

About the Boat :
:19 ft Daytona Eliminator
Power : 565ci BBC
Drive : B1 Racing full custom jet drive
Data Logging : Edelbrock Quick Data2 Aquisition system
Nitrous : Edelbrock 350 direct port system

2012 ADBA Parker 6.0 runner up
2011 NJBA Thunder in the channel 8.0 winner

White Flag Racing designed and has shirts created for B1Racing and the Stark Naked Team for the World Finals!

Shirts come in both black only currently.

Front Pocket

Back of Shirt

The Green Boat is really coming around now for sure - This weekend we signed up for 2 classes - Super E and Pro Eliminator - I used Super E to get a tune on the boat for the 8.0 class as I really was trying to get a win for us.
Thanks to AHP Custom Coatings - Austin and Marjory for coming down and helping out - if not for Austing fueling changing nitrous and being my in and out guy this would not have happened, and to my Wife, without her this means really nothing, she is amazing to put up with my persuing of this sport for sure!!!
Here are the passes we made (8 in total)
Saturday morning - we had made a bunch of hardware changes to the boat since the last race (lakeside) and did very little testing at mardon with it but knew it would be very close.

pass 1 - right off the trailer first round of Super E qual.
8.084et @ 123mph boat is trucking to the half track (4.1 to the 660 ball)
we are close - very close - we had to hot lap it because they were calling PE to the lanes - so quick bottle swap / splash of fuel and just a couple of 10ths of down nozzle - I wanted to change the tune but didnt have time....

pass 2 - PE qual 1 - the air doubled and we lost 7 hundreths
8.154et@ 121mph -
we came off the water and missed the next call for Super E (couldnt hear it)... we made another couple 10ths down to the nozzle and 3 tenths to the plate (water was extremely flat no wind at all) - Changed the tune up trying to creep up on the 0's.

pass 3 - PE qual 2 - the air almost doubled again but this time we were ready for it.
8.088et@ 123mph - almost there! little more and we will get it.
came back and made another tune change hoping to take the .08 down to a .00 also back up on the nozzle 3 tenths.

pass 4 - PE qual 3 - last pass of the day - air was hovering close to last pass so we knew it was going to be close. I put in a tune that i thought would either run a 7.999 or 8.00
8.004et @ 123mph - #1 Qualifier in Pro Eliminator - stoked!
Sunday -
We had to chase the tune up a bit Sunday as the air was really changing - water grains and humidity and altitude was all over the place... so we stuck in the same tune up that brought us the .08 on saturday and left the hardware the same...
I told the crew that i was now going to press the lights to warm up for Pro Eliminator as the first pass on Sunday was against Tommy in Super E..

pass 1 - Super E Eliminations
8.122et @ 122mph - red lit by .02 Grrr... but Good for Tommy as he moved on in Super E!! Tommy ran a 8.05et.

Came back to the pits and knew we had to get a bit more out of the tune up to be competitive in 8.0 - changed the nozzle angle to 0 - dead straight. - we also knew that we had a bye run in first round eliminations so we could do a bit of testing but wanted to be very close...

pass 2 - PE Elimination - bye run - still pressing the lights... air had gone up a little bit but hadnt changed much.. changed the tune up to see if we can get an 0...
8.105et @ 122mph -- red lit by .05... Grrr getting worse... not better on the lights...

Had to go and regroup knowing that the next one counted... And we found out it was going to be against Tommy in the Wild Thing!! then at the last moment found out he was out with a fuel issue (nothing major but didnt want to risk it - knowing all of the carnage that all of us have had all year....)
I went over to (what I consider to be the tuning guru) Bob "the Snake" - he is the tuner for Jeff Vail in the Shock Theropy team and has won many championships with Vail and with Shawn Reed as he was his tuner for years as well. I wanted to know what he was seeing in the air that was causing me grief.... he looks through all his notes... looks up at me and says well its this right here! you need to tune for that. Off i went back to the pits.

Pass 3 - PE Elimination - bye run on the account that Tommy couldnt make the call out. Trying to creep up on the tuneup.
8.089et@ 122mph - bad red light...(.124) Wife tells me if she sees another red she would whip the crap out of me... DOH!

we are close on the tuneup also added just a bit of shoe to it. came back and changed the tuneup for the finals.. back to the same spot... its going to run to fast like a 7.998 or it should be right on 8.00x...

we line up against Cody and he has been running 03, 08, 05 - on the number - i knew i couldnt red so i made sure not to leave early. I smack the throttle and look at the lights (green!) look at Cody and he is behind me so I knew he would have to drive around me to win it now, at half track - 3/4 track i am looking for Cody to come around or try to and he wasnt coming... Oh oh, Am i going to break out? i make a quick decision right after the 1000 foot mark to valve it and open the popoff knowing that it would scrub some of my speed.
We run a 8.005et @ 123mph to Cody's 8.05 for the Win!!!

Thanks to all of our sponsors - B1Racing - Santa Ana California, Stylin Designs - Edmonds Washington,  C&J Engineering - SantaFe Springs California, AHP Custom Coatings - Auburn Washington.

Great weekend! Cant wait to do it again!


Green with Envy at the Track in Dexter Or.


Chris from B1racing and I headed to the inramp.

Single pass

Qualifying pass at Firebird Raceway!

White Flag Racing partners with Mike Finnegan and his 999 'Wrong Way' 19 foot Unblown Fuel Jet Boat to run @ the world finals in Chandler Arizona!

About the Boat :

Make :19 ft Cheyenne
Power : 582ci All aluminum BBC, made 1162hp on motor and runs a 250 shot of N20!
Drive : Heavily modified Berkley Jet Drive 
Data Logging : Edelbrock Quick Data Aquisition system

2008 NJBA 8.50 bracket high points champion

2009 NJBA 8.00 bracket high points runner-up

2011 NJBA 8.00 bracket high points 3rd place

White Flag Racing designed and has shirts created for the Wrong Way team for the World Finals!

Shirts come in both black and white!

Front Pocket

Back of Shirt

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